5 oktober 2016
OEM Digital Grading News

DGS-BC.jpgThe all new Meyn bird counter vision M1.0 counts the birds in the bleeding line with an accuracy never seen before, at any line speed between 1,000 and 15,000 shackles per hour. The application of imaging technology results in a guaranteed deflection rate of less than 5 per 10,000 shackles. The counter uses an advanced and durable LED panel and can be integrated with a Meyn line control.


The counter is typically placed in a straight section in or right after the bleeding line. On one side of the line a LED panel is placed. On the opposite side a box with a SmartCam is positioned, allowing the camera to produce images of every shackle passing by. An integrated trigger wheel keeps track of the line.


The integrated controls analyse the image and provide the count for a loaded or empty shackle. Count values are registered in the Meyn line control system. In case no Meyn line control panel is present, a stand alone PLC can be delivered. From both the count values can be uploaded to higher level systems. The Meyn bird counter vision is compatible with Meyn EasyTrack, Meyn RPM as well as the

mLogic data integration platform. Flock separation (counts per flock) is supported as well.


  • Highest possible counting accuracy
  • Suitable for line speeds up to 15,000 bph
  • Integration with line control panel
  • Compatible with flock registration and mLogic
  • Trouble free and maintenance free

The bird counter vision M1.0 is also able to register the hanging performance. For this reason following values are measured as well:

  • Birds hung by only one leg
  • Birds hung in the shackle, but not completely in the bottom of the shackle
  • Loose feet or hocks in a shackle without bird, as indication for a bended shackle or a problem in the hock unloader

These parameters are measured with a limited accuracy, suitable for a three class KPI (red, yellow, green)

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