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1 april 2020
OEM Seal Inspector news

Inspecting the top and bottom sides of packaging is easy. The Label Inspector® and its full equipment as Seal Inspector® check these sides.

Many products are in packages that are high enough to attach information, eye catchers and design features to the sidewalls.

Since food manufacturers are actively using side labels, DVC Machinevision has expanded the inspection area. Now, besides the quality control of the top and bottom, inspection of two side walls is also possible. With this option, the Label Inspector checks the presence, correctness or position of packaging sidewalls

  • Barcode, QR-code, DM-code
  • Best Before Date
  • The presence and position of the label

The "4-view" Label Inspector® is particularly suited to products such as salads, ready meals, cases, etc.

The extension is designed so that the outer dimensions of the machine remain unchanged and existing Label Inspector® and Seal Inspector® systems can be upgraded. The machine requires a production line section of 760 mm plus ejector unit and an outline profile of 1750 mm.

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