Tips & Tricks SI3 – Cleaning the seal camera for continuous performance

28 september 2020
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Today we are talking to Toufik Ould-El-Hadj, one of our Technical Support Engineer. Each day, Toufik gets different questions from our customers on how to optimize the quality of the inspection. Today he has a tip for you all. And this is an easy but very effective one, cleaning!

“A greyer image background is an indication that the seal camera needs cleaning. Once the background of the image turn greyer and greyer, it becomes harder for the seal software to inspect the seal. As illustrated in the pictures below, a comparison between an incorrect image and a correct image is provided. There is a clear contrast difference in the correct image. When the image lacks contrast it will result in a wrongful allocation that causes False Negatives. False Negatives refers to packages that are classified as incorrect by the Seal Inspector® and rejected by the pusher, however, the reality shows that the packages was correct. Thus, wrongfully sorted by the machine.”  


“In addition, it is essential to keep the conveyer belts as clean as possible. Too much ink and residues from stickers on the conveyer belt causes a negative effect on measuring the packages. It causes the packages to be wrongfully enlarged which is not in line with the reality. Moreover, it influences other measurements such as folio shifting as shown in the picture below. All resulting in faulty rejections.”  said Toufik Ould-El-Hadj


We asked Toufik what the best method is to clean the camera and the conveyer belt.

“Clean the windows that are placed within the housing of the camera and lighting in the Seal Inspector®  with a microfiber cloth. The conveyer belt can be best cleaned with a slightly damped cloth containing hot water in order to remove sticker residues”  

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