Seal Inspector® Automatic Recipe Changes OPC MES

31 maart 2020
OEM Seal Inspector news

The Seal Inspector® has various possibilities to integrate within your factory via MES or other production devices.

When the Seal Inspector is integrated within your factory network the Seal Inspector is able to send production data into the network, as well as to receive orders to adjust recipes with additional variables such as: Best Before Date, Barcode, Product Code and Order ID.

The Seal Inspector® can be integrated within the factory network through various communication methods such as OPC-UA or Device to Device.

Automatic Recipe Changes

Should you wish to change recipes automatically through your central system. We offer various options. Generally we will work with a .txt file which contains all recipe information. DVC has created a standardized text order, yet DVC machinevision b.v. is also able to integrate customer specific text orders. 


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