Release of Matrox Design Assistant X Version 2006 Update 1

21 april 2021
DVC component news

Matrox® Imaging has released Matrox Design Assistant® X Version 2006 Update 1 (7.1). This update provides additional 3D camera support, improves depth-map generation, and addresses some issues found in the original release.

Update 1 notably delivers native support for the Intel RealSense depth cameras (including FRAMOS version) and LiDAR camera, as well as the Basler blaze and LUCID Helios2 ToF cameras. It also updates the support for previously introduced 3D device interfaces through the use of new SDK versions. Be sure to check the device-specific getting started documents for information on installation and use of 3D cameras. This update also features improved point-cloud to depth-map projection, and the addition of new color-maps to better highlight features of interest.

A complete list of improvements, and more details, can be found in the release notes; click here to view.

Do you have any questions about Matrox Design Assistent or want to experience a demonstration? Please contact our sales team for more information. 





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