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28 juni 2021
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Label inspection is an essential element regarding the end inspecting process of your manufactured food products. Therefore label and code printing is required to be in optimal order once it arrives at the consumer.

Correct labelling of your products defines the core value of your brand and sustain the much needed brand identity in order to compete in a highly competitive food market. Mistakes can reflect poorly on the company and brand name. The features of label reading of the Seal Inspector® and Label Inspector® can contribute to meeting the high standards that is required regarding label inspection.

The possible label inspection features are listed below:





  • Lot codes
  • Best Befor Date (BBD)
  • Product code
  • Barcode
  • Promotional stickers
  • Position of label
  • Deformation label     

A case packer at the production line eliminates manual labour, however, it also eliminates the manual inspection process. In addition, manual inspection is considered to be inaccurate and inconsistent overtime since the reliability of human inspection is affected by the speed of production.

There are governmental regulations in place for the presence and correctness of the Best Before Date on packaged food. So, it is a must to guarantee that the produced quality of a certain packaged food contains the correct BBD for consumption. Product codes are essential as well, since the product has to match with the information such as nutrition value and allergies that is produced. Both inspections features provides the opportunity to prevent claims and product call backs.

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