Be in Control with the Seal Inspector® Event Manager

27 maart 2020
OEM Seal Inspector news

Trigger actions with events

Did you know that the Seal Inspector® generates an event at a high ejection rate?

We would like to draw your attention to this option. Because if you have a high number of ejections, events are generated that you can use because e.g.:

  • All labels are missing, which means that all products are ejected.
  • The guides are not set correctly (many synchronization errors)

In such events, the orange signal lamp orange-light.png  is activated by default or nothingnone.png  happens:


Depending on your settings, the following options are available as an action:

1. Stop the line

If there are a large number of ejections, the line will be stopped if the setting is set as follows:


2. Switch on the signal light

As an action, the orange light of the signal lights begins to shine.


3. Sound signal (horn)

If the ejection rate is too high, an (optional) horn sounds with the following setting:


4. Line signal (AUX1 & AUX2)

With this setting, a signal is sent to the controller as an action, which is connected to the associated AUX connection - a signal light or horn can also be connected.


Would you like to know more regarding the benefits of the event manager, please click here to contact our sales team.


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