Advanced Technologies opened new site dedicated to the assembly line of custom-made industrialPCs

1 juni 2020
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Expanding the company facility based in Trezzano sul Naviglio in the province of Milan by an additional 290 sqm, Advanced Technologies SpA has studied and developed a site dedicated solely to the mass production of custom-made industrial PCs.

Built with all the features to ensure high quality standards. Flooring with static dischargers and positive pressure air conditioning to avoid the presence of dust.

All the computers go through rigorous burn-in tests, and for mass productions we do sampling stress tests up to 48 hours.

Our laboratory is also equipped with a climatic chamber to perform temperature tests with incremental computational loads on request. 

Pursuing the goal of being extremely flexible to customer requests and of studying truly custom-made solutions based on the needs of individual applications, it is possible, upon request, to integrate third-party hardware components.

The traceability of our industrial PCs is guaranteed not only by the serial numbers on the finished product, but by the serial numbers placed on the individual components, an approach that allows us to guarantee a more effective and accurate maintenance service.
In addition to the dedicated assembly area, the storage warehouse has also been expanded and organized, which has led to a reduced time to market, and increased stability and availability of the most volatile products. 

We provide benchmarks of the main imaging functions for all the offered configurations with the possibility of requesting our internal R&D team to develop Benchmark software for specific viewing applications.

On request, we offer services for the customized configuration of the operating system and the pre-installation of other software. 


Advanced-Technology07.jpg The partnership is structured in several phases, a 5-point methodical approach: R.E.V.I.P.
Requirements collection and analysis: we collect all the needs and the relative limitations that the machine will have to respect, also offering custom solutions at a mechanical level.
Engineering: we only choose industrial products that can be used in production environments where dust, humidity, and temperatures are high-risk factors that can cause unwanted machine downtime.
Validation: thanks to the climatic chamber, we perform tests at different temperature steps, defined together with the customer, that allow us to evaluate and certify the actual performance of the product.
Software installation: the system is installed and subsequently customized according to the customer’s instructions; we believe this to be one of the most important points of the partnership, because it will greatly influence the setup time; the closer the collaboration, the less time it will take for your technicians to configure the machine for the system.
Production: once the system passes the previous phases, we go to production; each system is completely traced and the test phase is agreed with the customer as there may be additional test and report procedures which, if performed during the production phase, will save the customer additional time.

Our production line will soon be ISO9001 certified, the reference standard for quality management systems


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