Guarantee food safety and minimize downtime. No more unnecessary production stops due to bad sealing tape or bad prints.

Tape Print Checker - TPC

Food safety is key in the food market. Also when it comes to packing large amounts of powders in bags (milk powder, baby powder etc). Every product that leaves the factory must be 100% well packaged and encoded and will be stored in a database with image and text. The TapePrintChecker (TPC) arranges all this for you.

The presence of the closing tape is verified, whether it is full-length, without creases and whether it is neatly in line with the packaging itself. A well-sealed bag prevents rubbish in the line, during transport and also prevents claims from customers.

In addition to the closing tape, the TPC checks all desired prints in one instant, both in text and image: Batch code, Lot code, product code, Best befor date, logo etc.
All this data can be saved, linked to the image taken, so you can always search for any unique product.

1. Checking the closing band

  • The overall accuracy of the in-line sealing tape control is 95%
  • TPC checks whether the closing tape is not too long or too short
  • TPC detects cracks and wrinkles in the closing band
  • TPC controls the positioning of the closing band

2. Control of all printed information

  • The accuracy of the print control is 99.9% (read + analysis)
  • The TPC reads and checks in a fraction of a second:
    - Product group
    - Legal name
    - batch / batch code
    - Order
    - Production date
    - Expiration date
    - Weight
    - Logos or specific texts such as halal / kosher
  • All data in the database can be retrieved
  • TPC checks the similarity of the batch code read with printed batch code

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