Seal Inspector® XL

The SI XL: for bigger, higher, longer and double trays

The Seal Inspector® XL is the larger brother of the Seal Inspector® and has exactly the same functionality. The difference is that the SI XL has a wider conveyor belt so broader, longer, higher and also double packs can be checked. The regular Label and Seal Inspector® can handle the containers with dimensions A, the Seal Inspector® XL can handle dimensions B.



Seal Inspector® XL

Full control over the seal

Today, consumers are demanding more and more of their daily products. Quality control is essential when you want to deliver perfect products to this consumer. Therefore representatively packed products are wanted. But there is more. Material of the food product can get caught between the sealing of your product (MAP filled with CO2 and nitrogen). Did doesn't only looks bad, it can also affect the expiration date of the product.

When quality control of the seal is key…
our Label & Seal Inspectors will take care of your trouble!

Seal inspection

The Seal Inspector® XL prevents these types of problems. The sealing of the seal is checked for the presence of unknown material and / or residues of the cut product as well as deformation of the tray:

But it does not stop at the seal. The Seal Inspector® XL also checks whether the expiration date, barcodes, etc, is printed and readable or the presence of special labels. In other words all functions of the Label Inspector are integrated in the Seal Inspector® XL.

The Seal Inspector® XL controls for you: 

  • Everything in the field of labels such as: Barcode - Expiry date - Best Befor date - Positioning label - Action sticker - Deformation label
  • Is the seal well airtight?
  • Is the shape correctly punched?
  • Is there content in the packaging?
  • Is the shape of the packaging correct?
  • Is the product evenly distributed in the packaging?

The Seal Iinspector® XL inspects the top and bottom of your product simultaneously in a fraction of a second. And all this with a speed of 80 products / min. 24/7.

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Since 2004, DVC has supplied many 1st generation Seal Inspector® systems. These Seal Inspectors® have inspected, 24 hours a day, 140 packs per minute for years. The seals of these packages were transparent, but of different production processes.

In 2008,DVC introduced the 2nd generation SI with new functions that enable the inspection of printed seals.

March 2012, the SI 3rd generation is launched with even better specifications:

  • Smaller size, fiber tech housing
  • No calibration required, intuitive learning
  • 2x the resolution of the 2nd generation SI
  • 20% faster inspection, 60 M / min.
  • Better barcode detection
  • All colors inspectable (also red and green)
  • Speeds 240 seals / min. 24/7

The Seal Inspector® XL was launched on the market at the end of 2017. The XL-version is a Seal Inspector with an extra wide conveyor belt and longer throughput to inspect wider, double or longer packages.

Benefits Seal Inspector XL

  • 100% ïnspected products
  • Inspection of bigger products (higher/wider/longer)
  • Inspection of double trays 
  • Contactless inspection
  • Historical production information
  • No refund of products
  • Customer satisfaction
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