On The Spot - OTS

Speed and accurate 'picking' are key for your advanced robot applications. With the On-the-spot robot guidance a High-speed Picker robot can pick any object from a moving conveyor belt, all based on a camera system, also called Vision Guided Robotics.

With OTS, a high-speed Picking robot can pick any desired object from the moving conveyor belt

For example of chocolates, cookies, sweets, bags of lettuce, pancakes, packed ice creams. etc. etc.

Accurate measurement is essential

To achieve optimum picking of your product, accurate measurement of the product is necessary to determine the pick coordinates. An innovative Geometric Model Finder tool is capable of locating a model (or multiple models) quickly and accurately at any position and angle, at any scale from 50-200 percent. The embedded controller transfers real-time picking coordinates to the robot controller.

On-the-spot gives you the flexibility to:

  • Place your product with a specified orientation in a drawer / crate / box, etc.
  • Pick products with a fixed shape and size but just as easy without a fixed shape and size
  • Simply detect and remove downgraded products from a fast moving conveyor belt



Camera :

  • Digital Line Scan or Area Scan

Features :

  • Calibration and object training
  • Conveyor tracking
  • Quality control tools

Algorithm :

  • MIL GMF Geometric Model Finder
  • BLOB finder
  • Model finder Rotation
  • 0 – 360 degrees
  • Scale 50 – 200%


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