OEM inspection modules for the Food branche.

Since 2004, DVC machinevision BV has already implemented many successful customer-specific OEM inspection modules all over the world. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and expertise of vision technology, we can serve many markets. We split the different inspection systems in 'OEM Food' and 'OEM non-Food'.

We design OEM inspection modules (exclusively) for you

The OEM inspection modules are created for machine builders who do not want or have competencies for the development and production of a camera inspection system, because this is not part of their core business. These developments are usually exclusively for our partners.

DVC Product concepts for niche markets

In addition, DVC machinevision b.v. has also developed more standard product concepts for specific product market combinations (PMC). These concepts are offered as products in relevant niche markets and are compiled based on set specifications from DVC. Of course they can easily be tailored to your needs by using unique recipes.

These products have been developed for and tailored to system integrators of capital goods and producers / end users. Our partner can thus focus completely on the integration of his own capital goods and our product.

Our OEM Food product offer 

DVC machinevision currently has the following OEM modules / products available for the food industry:

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