A smart camera - or intelligent camera - is a machine vision system which, in addition to image capture circuitry, is capable of extracting application-specific information from the captured images, along with generating event descriptions or making decisions that are used in an intelligent and automated system.

A smart camera is a self-contained, standalone vision system with built-in image sensor in the housing of an industrial video camera. It contains all necessary communication interfaces, e.g. Ethernet, as well as industry-proof 24V I/O lines for connection to a PLC, actuators, relays or pneumatic valves. It is not necessarily larger than an industrial or surveillance camera. A capability in machine vision generally means a degree of development such that these capabilities are ready for use on individual applications. This architecture has the advantage of a more compact volume compared to PC-based vision systems and often achieves lower cost, at the expense of a somewhat simpler (or omitted) user interface.

Our SmartCam and Smart sensor suppliers

We have two A-brand suppliers for our Smart Cameras and Smart Sensors:

Matrox Imaging smart cameras offer a dust-proof, immersion-resistant and extremely rugged construction. A choice of image sensors, combined with an efficient Intel® Atom® embedded processor, allow our smart cameras to tackle a wide variety of machine vision applications. Users create applications for these smart cameras by way of an intuitive flowchart-based integrated development environment or a traditional software development kit.


Matrox Iris GT with Matrox Design Assistant

The Matrox Iris GT with Matrox Design Assistant smart camera line is intended for systems integrators, machine builders and OEMs who need to quickly configure and deploy machine vision applications. Matrox Design Assistant is an intuitive, versatile and extendable integrated development environment (IDE) where applications are created by constructing a flowchart. Video capture, analysis, location, measurement, reading, verification, communication and I/O operations, as well as a web-based operator interface are all set up within the single IDE.

We have some DEMO Smartcams of MAtrox in our website. Have a look by clicking on the picture: 


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LMI's advanced quality and productivity thanks to 3D sensor technology

The all-in-one GOCator 3D smart sensors from LMI Technologies are used and praised worldwide for their automated inline inspection.

The Gocator combines 3D scanning, measuring and controlling in one device,without externally required PCs or controllers. Combined with the high performance and efficient design, the Gocator makes it easy to integrate into existing inspection systems. System costs are minimized and product quality and throughput are maximized.

All Gocators are pre-calibrated at the factory so that users can immediately set up the sensor via a web browser as well as configure the various functions such as lighting, triggering logic, dimensional measuring instruments and communication method.

Once the installation is complete, disconnect the computer, and the Gocator works independently and delivers high-speed, micron-level measurements in real-time for a wide range of critical inspection applications.


The Gocator is available in different models; suitable for your exact application.

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