Linescan cameras 

How does a linescan camera work?

Linescan cameras build the images with one pixel row at a time, thanks to a sensor that moves over an object in a linear motion, or more often when the object passes underneath the sensor. As a conveyor belt moves, a 2D image can be reconstructed line by line using software. This makes a line scan camera ideal for fast continuous applications such as document scanning, print inspection, web inspection of paper, aluminum, steel or glass, and in detailed inspections for which measurements must be made in microns. Line scan can also inspect round objects without perspective distortion.

Because line scanning cameras use only one row of pixels, they can create continuous images that are not limited to a specific vertical resolution, which means they have much higher resolutions than area scan cameras in both 2D and 3D.

You can also contact DVC for line scan cameras

DVC has a suitable camera for every machine vision application. Of course also if you are looking for a line scan camera. Currently we offer line scanning cameras from Basler. Click below to see which demo cameras we have in stock.
And if you are looking for something a little different, please contact us

Digital tools to support you

DVC has access to a number of Basler tools that we would like to share. The tools can help you determine which interface, lens or frame rate you need.

1. Interface advisor

If you are not sure what digital camera interface to choose, you can use the Basler Interface Advisor. This tool helps you decide which interface best suits your individual needs: visit the interface advisor

2. Basler frame rate calculator

The Basler Frame Rate Calculator calculates the frame rate or line scan speed for your Basler areascan or linescan camera as soon as a few parameters are specified. For example, if you have the desire to define an area of interest (AOI). The tool determines the maximum framerate or line scan speed that can be achieved:  to the Frame Rate Calculator

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