VLT products for your vision application

Vision Light Tech, partner of DVC Machinevision

Vision Light Tech (VLT) offers a wide range of solutions in light, lenses and filters for industrial machine vision worldwide.
VLT is known for its specialty in this niche market. The organization distinguishes itself from others through a solution-oriented approach. They offer a wide range of lighting, lens and filter solutions. Their products are used in the industrial machine vision industry. In addition, they also adapt standard products to meet individual customer needs. A partner that fits well with us. 

1. Lenses of Vision Light Tech

Vision Light Tech offers a wide range of lenses.
DO contact me or visit our optics page with DEMO lenses on stock

2. Filters

See what you want to see with the VLT filters. VLT offers almost all sorts of filters. Whether it concerns IR filters, UV filters, ring filters, protective filters, polarized filters or any other filter ... with Vision Light Tech we can provide you with all possible filters, tailored to your application. Ask our experts for more information. 

3. (LED) Lighting

Vision Light Tech offers many different types of lighting for the professional industrial machine vision market.

The effectiveness of a light source during an inspection is determined by the direction in which the light touches an object and the direction of the reflected light in or out of the camera. Suitable illumination covers the required field of view, creates a consistently measurable contrast level and does not produce any reflected glare. Different light types are required to provide a successful exposure to the wide range of products inspected by automated systems.

The product range thus consists of a wide range: 

  • Coaxial lighting
  • Backlights
  • Bar lights
  • Diffuselite dome
  • Line lighting
  • Ring lighting
  • Square lighting
  • Spotlights etc 

VLT products in our webshop

Several DEMO products from Vision Light Tech can be found on our website optics  page or via www.vlt.nl. In addition, we naturally offer the entire pallet of products. Click on the button below and one of our experts will contact you.

Free testing options in the vision lab of VLT

VLT has a test lab in Uden where they perform free imaging tests of your sample (s):

"In order to discover the possibilities, we ask you to send us your sample so that VLT can offer you an image with the best contrast. They use a B / W and a color camera to shoot images. These images are generated by the best demo units in terms of lighting, lenses and filters. VLT has more than 1,000 products available to create the best contrast with your sample

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