SVS-Vistek Industrial Cameras

Today SVS-Vistek is one of the most innovative manufacturers of industrial cameras with an international presence.

For the domestic market they are also a reliable supplier of machine vision components, and a provider of specialized know-how for sophisticated machine vision and image processing solutions.

High-End in Machine Vision - SVCam

Increase throughput, improve accuracy – these are the two key issues of industrial image processing in virtually any industries. With the branding "SVCam", SVS-Vistek develops and produces high-performance CCD and CMOS cameras. The interfaces cover Gigabit Ethernet, Camera Link, USB 3.0 and CoaXPress.

Fundamental to all their developments are always quality, reliability and a high degree of customizability. 

The HR Series: Details on speed

The HR Series combines high-resolution image sensors with powerful machine vision interfaces. Using state-of-the-art interfaces, the HR achieves data rates of up to 25Gbit/s and resolutions of up to 120 MP.

Highest possible resolution and an optimized image rate

HR series cameras achieve the highest possible resolutions for industrial machine vision. The data interfaces are the most powerful interfaces in the machine vision world. An elaborately designed massive housing ensures excellent temperature management and allows fanless operation even with large sensors.

High-resolution sensors require special care in managing the homogeneity of the image. Excellent tap balancing, lens shading correction for demanding optical tasks and customizable defective pixel correction ensure outstanding linearity, homogeneity and low noise.

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All HR models at a glance

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The SHR series: great tasks

Very high resolution with large pixels: The SHR shines when maximum resolution and top image quality are required for your task.

Precision – Made in Germany

Large pixels have many advantages when it comes to camera image quality - physics speaks a clear language. Some high-end jobs require perfect image quality of a type that cannot be achieved without these large pixels. This is where the SHR comes into its own.

Already in the camera electronics, large sensors require special attention for getting homogenous images. Excellent tap balancing and an outstanding mechanical and optical precision make this camera suited for the most demanding imaging tasks. Low noise and state-of-the-art linearity are completed with user defined pixel correction and user defined shading correction.

This kind of high end cameras comes with the most capable interfaces in the machine vision world.

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SHR CoaxPress  


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