Rugged industrial cameras of Illunis

The application of illunis cameras has spanned the microscopic to high speed aerial imaging. illunis cameras look for terrorists to tax cheats, finger fiducials to flat-panel defects, historical documents to studio portait photography and all for the best price available.

Illunis: the Gigapixel Camera Specialists

Why Illunis? 

Since 2000 Illunis is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial high resolution, high-speed megapixel digital cameras for LCD inspection, metrology, security, surveillance, traffic, document imaging, aerial imaging, scientific and medical applications. Illunis prides itself on maintaining complete creative control over electronics, interfaces, industrial design, optics and drivers, and continues to build an extensive library of designs and intellectual property that serves as the foundation for customization.

illunis values its customer needs and demands by providing excellent customer service and expert technical support.

The mission of Illunis

Illunis' mission is to remain a leader in digital imaging, by continuing to design and produce innovative high-resolution, high-speed megapixel cameras for OEMs with a strong focus on delivering outstanding customer service and competent technical support department.








One of illunis many specialties is aerial photography where they offer high resolution cameras for both civil and military projects. From images to recognize the earth to military reconnaissance flights, they designed many robust (rugged) customer-specific optics used by leading companies in aerial photography, intelligence services and by the best military forces in the world.

Many museums and historical associations digitize their libraries for posterity and have discovered that the use of a standard off-the-shelf DSLR camera is not the right solution for this. DSLR cameras use poor quality shutters that are expensive and often have to be replaced. The solution is the RMV-11MP or RMV-16MP camera, both of which use an electronic shutter and provide a live view of the captured image.

The RMV-50M takes document imaging to the next level and offers unprecedented resolution and quality that is needed to document documents properly.

Recommended cameras: RMV-11M, RMV-16M, RMV-29M, RMV-50M.

Most machine vision applications require speed and resolution. CMOS cameras offer great speed, but have a lot of limitations. CCD sensors are more 'mature' and tested. In addition, there are more possibilities thanks to their electronic shutters. The VMV camera line, equipped with the latest KODAK 5.5 micron CCD sensors, offers high quality cameras. This line is only equipped with 2 printed circuit boards, making them a perfect fit for machine vision applications.

Recommended cameras: All VMV and RMV cameras

From air reconnaissance to night-time surveillance, Illunis delivers a large selection of customer-specific cameras to the American armed forces and the rest of the world. Illunis cameras are used in the UAV systems for surveillance at high altitudes, but also many other systems, including telescopes and remote-controlled robotics. A special design is the large format RMV-16M camera with a 100mm servo-controlled lens, used in a 96 megapixel array that can give a live video image of an area of 7km x 7km.

Recommended cameras: MV-2M, RMV-4M, RMV-11M, RMV-16M, RMV-16M large format, RMV-29M, RMV-50M, EMCCD

Illunis CCD cameras are used by many in the scientific and medical world and help improve technology as well as medical care. These cameras are not only of the highest quality, but also small and easily fit into a medical application. The RMV-50M is used by several leading scientific researchers and offers a resolution that no other camera knows.

Recommended cameras: RMV-2M, RMV-4M, RMV-11M, RMV-16M, RMV-29M, RMV-50M, EMCCD

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