Imaging and machine vision form a core technology that is used in different application areas. It provides a powerful and cost-effective way to implement automatic quality assurance and control, coupled with very high speeds and with high accuracy requirements.

Imaging technology provides the tools to help strengthen the competitive advantage of your company.

We mainly focus on the following markets with our vision solutions:


The innovations within the Agri and Food are fast. The goal: to provide the world with food, tackle scarcity and respond to the changing food chain. More efficient, more effective, more sustainable and different production, both in machine construction and food processing on land / in the greenhouse, are central here. Quality control is 'key' when you want to deliver the perfect product to consumers. DVC develops custom-made OEM quality inspection systems for this purpose.


Our cameras are used in a wide variety of advanced industrial applications worldwide. Common application areas are electronics and semiconductor inspection, food inspection, robotics, postal sorting and print inspection.


Top Sport

Our cameras are used in various top sport applications, including: swimming, gymnastics, dressage, bowling, skating, mountain biking, tennis and more.

In the past, the coach acted as 'the eyes' of the athlete. The athlete could only listen. Currently our cameras and software record all actions and movements of the top athletes. Every athlete can immediately look back after the exercise. It has been proven that this factor increases the individual learning curve enormously and has even led to Olympic gold a few times.

Medical and Life Sciences

Medical areas benefit from the increasing use of digital image acquisition and processing. Our digital cameras have achieved great success worldwide in the field of medical applications, microscopy and life science, including dental scanners, ophthalmology, physiotherapy or laboratory automation.


Traffic and Transportation

Nobody can imagine state-of-the-art traffic systems without modern camera technology. Our digital cameras are successfully used in enforcement, toll collection and traffic monitoring, such as tunnel monitoring or incident detection.


Security and Surveillance

Video surveillance has been used in various industries for many years. Our network cameras are mainly used in banking and casino applications and in the logistics and transport sector.

From a joint project with Poseidon Security and TNO in this area we delivered the product Match & Catch.


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