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DVC machinevision bv aims to provide added value. It is not just about shifting boxes, but about being an equal partner who listens, communicates and engages with the application needs of the customer. This principle applies to a single Machine vision component as well as to all customer-specific OEM solutions. DVC offers the perfect combination of innovative products, intelligent advice and extensive service so that you as a customer can quickly and easily finalize your machine vision projects.

The added value of our trade department

The sales department is responsible for our 'trade' or, in other words, for supplying ready-made Machine Vision components. We distinguish ourselves:

  • As an expert in the machine vision market, we know what we deliver and sell
  • As a customer you benefit from our carefully selected components from the world's leading manufacturers, optimized for your application.
  • We help you, despite the rapid technological changes in the machine vision market, always to arrange the product that is best for you.
  • We can offer you the best product combination whereby all MV components are perfectly matched for your application
  • As a customer you will get added value, thanks to a complete vision solution, with the best available components in the market available. 

The added value of our OEM department

Voor onze OEM-klanten ontwikkelen en leveren wij complete op maat gemaakte OEM- visionsystemen voor de Food en non-Food-industrie; een combinatie van hardware en klantspecifieke software. De installed base van onze OEM-visionsystemen is over de hele wereld verspreid. Onze klanten kiezen voor ons mede gebaseerd op onderstaande punten: 

  • We have a broad product portfolio for the food industry
  • We have years of, and broad experience in the (food) industry
  • DVC Invests in the latest state of the art technology
  • Joint venture network
  • We like to parnter with OEMs & System Integrators
  • Joint development
  • DVC is technology driven since we co-operate with "A-brand" MV component manufacturers

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