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Matrox Clarity, Concord, and Radient Series

18 januari 2018 12:16
Categorie: DVC component news
Matrox Clarity, Concord, and Radient Series

Matrox Clarity, Concord & Radient Series

Matrox Imaging provides the industry’s most comprehensive frame grabber lineup, ranging   from entry-level models for very cost-sensitive applications to models integrating flexible,   high-rate acquisition and pre-processing capabilities. These frame grabbers combine rich functionality and unbeatable value, and help reduce development and validation costs   through a managed lifecycle offering consistent long-term availability.  

Matrox Clarity Series at a glance

  • Capture video sources—legacy to the latest— through support for SD analog to UHD digital formats
  • Connect and switch between different video sources via Mini DisplayPort, HD-BNC, HDMI, and custom analog DVI connectivity
  • Handle multiple video sources with the simultaneous capture of up to four HD or two UHD streams1
  • Optimize video transmission and storage through onboard multi-stream H.264 encoding
  • Minimize system footprint by way of a singleslot PCIe card design
  • Simplify application development using the MIL SDK
  • Deploy on a platform of choice, with support for 64-bit Windows and Linux2

Matrox Concord Series at a glance

  • Interface with ease using Gigabit Ethernet   network interface cards (NICs)
  • Streamline deployment with cards pre-licensed   for use with GigE Vision support in MIL SDK and   Matrox Design Assistant flowchart-based IDE
  • Avoid manual adjustments to driver properties;   unlike generic NICs, the Concord’s driver is   optimally preset for GigE Vision
  • Maintain flexibility and choice, with support for   32-/64-bit Windows, Linux, and RTX64 (RTOS)

Matrox Radient Series at a glance

  • Capture from the next generation of higher   resolution and higher speed cameras, through   Camera Link, Camera Link HS, or CoaXPress   interfaces
  • Eliminate lost pixels and missed frames through   a PCIe 2.0 x8 host interface and ample on-board   buffering
  • Maintain flexibility and choice through support   for 32-/64-bit Windows, Linux3, and RTX64 (RTOS)3 
  •  Simplify application development using the MIL   SDK connectivity with Power over Camera Link (PoCL)   and Power over CoaXPress (PoCXP) support
  • Offload some host processing with on-board peak location for 3D profiling, Bayer
    interpolation, color space conversion, and  look-up tables
  • Optimize multi-camera applications with support  for multiple camera connections per board
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