Seal Inspector


In today's world, customers are getting more and more demanding. Quality control is essential in delivering a product that will look perfect towards the customer. Sealed products have an added dimension; material that is left in between the seal, not only looks bad, it can also compromise the storage life: the seal may not be airtight anymore.

Seal Inspection

The Seal Inspector checks the seal for intrusion of foreign material and residual material from cutting. But it doesn’t stop with the seal! It will also check if the expiration date has been printed or any special labels are present.



The Seal Inspector 3rd generation


The Seal Inspector (SI) checks the following:

  • Seal
  • Presence of expiration date
  • Label(s)
  • Shape
  • Forming
  • Presence of barcode
  • 180 Sealed products/min.
  • 24/7

History of the SI

Since 2004, DVC supplied many 1st generation Seal Inspector systems. These inspectors have been inspecting 140 packages per minute, 24 hours a day during many years. The seals of these packages are transparent but of different manufacturing processes..

In 2008,  DVC introduced the 2nd generation SI with new features which allows inspection of printed seals.

  March 2012, the SI 3rd generation is launched with even better specifications:
  • Smaller size, fiber tech housing
  • No calibration required, intuitive learning
  • 2 x resolution of the 2nd generation SI
  • 20% faster products, 60 M/min.
  • Better barcode detection, all colors
    (even red and green)


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