Label Inspector

FULL control over YOUR labelling

Quality control is essential in delivering a product with correct product information towards the customer since customers are getting more and more demanding. Food products have an added dimension; with today’s strict regulations it is very important that food products have correct and readable labelling for the consumer.

The Label Inspector (LI) helps you to verify correct labelling and printed information.

easy to upgarde TO SEAL INSPECTOR

The Label Inspector (LI) helps you to verify the presence of correct labelling  and  printed information.  It also checks if the readability   of the printed information and if the information is   correct.

The LI inspects  top and back sides of the packaging simultaniously . Beside the LI  is also able to inspect multiple labels on one side,. For example: expiration date and barcode simultaneously. Top and Back with all labels with a speed of  180 products per minute. 24/7

If you also want to inspect the leak tightness of your seal and/ore the shape of your sealed packaging, you can have your LI upgraded easily to a Seal Inspector

Label Inspector, 3rd generation

Fully controled
Guaranteed fresh 

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